World’s Leading and Safest Indoor Floating Drone

Think drones are just for wide open spaces? Think again.

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World’s Leading and Safest Indoor Floating Drone

Think drones are just for wide open spaces? Think again.

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The PATENTED OrbFlyer is optimized for indoor use

Drones have taken the world by storm over the past few years, and there’s been a consistent race to make the smallest and highest-quality drone. Unfortunately, most of the drones created are designed for outdoor use either for racing, cinematography, or capturing images. But these aren’t the only practical applications for drone technology.

OrbFlyer is the first drone made specifically for use indoors. Its impressively compact design, quiet operation, and unique safety features make it perfectly suitable for flying inside. Unlink other bulky drones that have a hard time adapting to the confines of a home, the OrbFlyer performs optimally when indoors.

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Home Security

Drones have been used for security reasons but with a disproportionate focus on external use. The OrbFlyer is the first drone of its kind with the potential to be used as an indoor security drone. It has the ability to stay suspended for 20 hours at a time and can easily monitor homes of various sizes when owners are away.

Smarthome Integration

Smarthomes and smarthome devices are increasing in popularity as more homeowners look for ways to integrate their property with the newest advancements in technology. The OrbFlyer is well-poised to become the standard autonomous inside drone to be integrated into smart homes due to its high-tech design and unique ability to fly optimally indoors.

Real Estate

The real estate market is another industry that stands to benefit greatly from the OrbFflyer home drone. It’s the perfect device to use for virtual tours and walkthroughs. Prospective buyers can “guide” themselves through the property by controlling the drone. It can even monitor a home for imperfections while testing indoor air quality. The uses are endless!

Unlocking New Potential With the OrbFlyer

Whenever a disruptive technology enters the market, entirely new possibilities open up. Old ways of thinking have to be put to the side as potential gives rise to ground-breaking ideas and an exciting future. The OrbFlyer is having that exact effect on the drone market. Its unique design, specialized operation, and impressive capabilities unlock some new use cases that weren’t as accessible before.

It’s perfectly safe to use indoors.

The OrbFlyer was built from scratch for use indoors, making it safer and more capable than any drone on the market for inside use. It’s lightweight, agile, and can fly close to surfaces without losing balance.

Have eyes and ears at home when you’re away.

The unique design and indoor capabilities of the OrbFlyer make it a perfect security drone. You can use it as an indoor home camera to be your eyes and ears when you’re not home.

Let the OrbFlyer operate independently.

Autonomy was one of the first purposes behind the creation of the drone. The OrbFlyer stays true to that intention with completely independent flight capabilities.

Have an extra source of light when you need it.

Whether your home isn’t properly illuminated or you need a concentration of light for a project, the OrbFlyer is your instant source of light whenever and wherever you need it.

It can be the brains for your smart home.

This inside drone can easily hook up to other functionalities of your smart home for complete integration. It’ll feel like you’re living in the future, today.

Coordinate it with other OrbFlyers.

Need more than one drone? No problem! The OrbFlyer can operate with an unlimited number of other OrbFlyers for a wide variety of functions.

Unlock New Possibilities With the OrbFlyer

If you’re interested in learning more about the OrbFlyer and its applications, feel free to contact us for more information.